Scida. Finally an easy way to organize your
e-books and get them
onto your Kindle.

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How it works

1. Import your existing e-books

Add books to your Scida Library (or import from your Kindle) and organize them into collections.

2. Send e-books to your Kindle

Copying e-books between your computer and your Kindle has never been easier.

3. Manage your Kindle's collections

Create collections, add books by a simple drag&drop (on non-touch devices only).


The name Scida refers to the good old library catalogue system and should be pronounced: SKEE-duh

Supported devices

Kindle Keyboard
Kindle Grey
Kindle Black
Kindle Touch
Kindle Paperwhite

How it looks like & feels like

Simple and clean interface to help you easily
manage your e-books
Drag & drop everything to simply get your e-books
onto your Kindle
E-book support for Mobipocket e-book formats
(.prc, .mobi, .azw)
Made for Mountain Lion to take advantage of the
latest OS X technologies
Retina display graphics optimized for the new MacBook Pro
with Retina display
Requires OS X 10.7+ to provide the experience
you deserve